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Ctsboy's picturial diary from work.


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Well thought i would start now while I'm off. Will try and add more as i go through the seasons. For those of you that don't know i work on a large farm in staffordshire we have around 5500acres of combinable crops and 850acres of potatoes. We now have a livestock enterprise which the boss and his daughter started up last year to supply their own butchers shop. We have a pedigree herd of Red Poll Cattle and a flock of Hampshire Down and Mule sheep,we also have a small number of free range pigs in a local wood and have free range chickens(for meat) and of course Xmas turkeys.If you would like me to post some pics from previous seasons let me know.

For a start there is a Demo 7830 on the grimme bedformer.

And Loading Potatoes for McCain's



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Ok Texas heres a couple more,

This time of us washing potatoes for Walkers Crisps with a Botman mobile washer fed by a meidema elevator and a Herbert grader. Loading was a JD3200 telehandler.



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Here is a pic of the Ploeger self propelled harvester we had on hire 2 seasons ago. At the time there were only 5 in the world and this was the only one in the uk. And i wa slucky enough to drive it


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Always nice to see the root geat James. Apart from the 50ac of spuds my friend grows for bag sales I never see any down here. The cattle look lovely too.. . The Red Poll is mean't to be quite a performer isn't it? A chap I was fencing for had just bought in 30 last winter with calves at foot. He heard they were a good breed so thought he'd try a few.

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Thanks Texas , the Ploeger was a hell of a bit of kit 4.2m wide :o so moving from field to field was lets say interesting.

Deerest, thanks the cattle are great , the boss choose the breed for 2 facts , they are easy calving ,and they finish well and belive me the finished carcass looks and tastes the best, will see if i can get a pic in the cold store when i start back.

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