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some honeys here


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Interesting... I've often wondered about 'mudders' Puddy.... would you be kind enough to stand up and tell the whole class what you know about mudders please...

I assume they are for Paddy fields etc..... and I don't think it takes a great deal of guessing as to where the name derrives from... but as well know... it doesn't pay to assume  ;):)

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mudders are the legendary machines of the green vegetable fields

built for working tall green crops, row crop work, playing in the mud......ha ha!.......harvesting i mean

lots had creeper boxes in them, and pretty simple in design

fiat built some good ones, the fiat 80-66dts mudder was common here, so were the deeres

wish i took pics of them, chained together, pulling a small trailer, up to the axles in mud ha ha!.........either way the crop had to come off...one of the most unusal i have seen was a iseki T6500 mudder, it was imported second hand from japan, was used as a recovery tractor at a airport........bloody kiwis built a harvester round it, and thats what its been doing for the last 15 years ha ha!

dunno if MF built a mudder did they?......they built a few high crops

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