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I sold a JD 6420S conversion to a customer last year and while he was very impressed with the model he was not 100% happy with the Massey Ferguson wheels anyway he said could a make him another one with solid wheel rims if I could find some  ::) ::)

After Trying to build the JD on the Siku Deutz/SAME/Lamborghini chassis I gave up and fitted the wheels from a Lambo to the MF5455 chassis with the modified JD 6920S parts on top :P :P :P

It won't be cheap but the customer always right :D :D


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heee  heee yes urm well i,ve done  one half but i,ve got a slow ebayer and the other half to it hasn,t come yet i will get some on tomorrow  of the project so far  some of the other member,s can play  the guesing game  :D for a day or two

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No offence meant Paul but i reckon they look better on the massey wheels but as you say the customer is always right  ;) ;)

No offence taken Simon ;) ;) i'd rather make one tractor out of two models than three ::) ::)::)

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