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MF's new combine

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Brilliant... Pudding.. I am going to have to marry you... you seem to come up with some superb stuff buddy  :-*

Isn't it great that they thought to 'sytleise' a combine harvester... as if the farming community would buy a combine based on it's looks and not it's function  :-\ - how wrong could you get....

or am I wrong ???

You see this raises a blooming important question here... what (if any) factor in a farmers decision making process does the 'look' of an item of plant/equipment have ???

Can we have some farmers responses please...

You see... for me.. I'd have to say it WAS an important decision... but my two tractors are more for fun than for business purposes  :-\

I wonder what the guys who REALLY use their plant have to say.. I'm putting up a seperate post in Real farming now...

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its funny, the more money we make, the more we spend on nothing :o

branding and asthetics do nothing for the function of the machine, but as farmers generate wealth, they spend on the two above things, and trueth be known, it don't help bring the harvest in

but thats the un refined, crude side of me coming out (and i just finished watching mad max 3 on tv)

there are a few conventions or ineffectencys in society.........ha ha!........this is a good example of one of them ha ha!

damn it, i is thinking too hard now..........

i reckon SAME is a good example of this, tractors started crude looking, got nice and shapely in the 50's.......hit hard times in the 60's and 70's..........smacked out some basic looking machines, then figured out in the 80's and 90's people liked looking at there tractors, so SAME employed a designer to make there machines stylish ha ha!......and some people will say they still ugly ha ha!

that brochure, they reckon alloy, magnesium, alloy compounds will find there place into machines like the fancy MF caravan in the picture ha ha!..........

betcha fany has the odd alloy bit on her marky ::)

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