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Tenbury Show 2008 - Simon joins the Dancing Diggers


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Well, it was the Tenbury Show on Saturday, coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the Tenbury Agricultural Society.

Big news was that this year, rather than the Icarus parachute display team which has appeared every year for as long as I can remember, we got HE Services’ Dancing Diggers.

I was pitching in on a friend’s stand selling Honda quads, something I used to do full time many years ago.

His daughter apparently got chatting to the guy who runs the display and told him what her dad does.

Anyway, next thing I know, he appeared on the stand asking if we would put a bike out to do a fast lap of the main ring underneath the backhoe of the JCB’s while they roll onto their sides.

I wandered out of the caravan at ‘the right moment’ to hear the digger man being told, ‘Simon will do it....’

Do what exactly?

So, two shows, 1 lap all the way round, fast as possible, ‘better if you don’t wear a helmet, looks more exciting that way if you crash’....

Anyway, I had a quick warm up round the back of the showground on the bike we were using, one of these new 420 injection’s with the electric shift, gripped like you didn’t want it to, found I had to really nail it to get the back to slide.....

So, off I toodled into the ring and did my stuff. It was a hoot.... I got round it in about 20 seconds so it wasn’t exactly 15 minutes of fame, but great fun all the same.

After the second show the vintage section did their parade, so I got the kids into the trailer for a ride round the ground behind his 35x.

Not sure how many photos exist, Mrs H took a video on my phone but it’s a new one and I hadn’t upped the quality or clip length so you can see sod all and only for 10 seconds. If it’s any good I’ll post it up.

Anyone else done anything like this?

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Cool. .. wish I'd have seen that mate. I love the image of you gingerly wandering across the stand, minding your own business while you munch on another sandwich quarter, scuffing your toes in the grass and thinking about Abi Titmuss when you just catch the tail end of the conversation, "Simon will do it. ... "  :):D

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