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  1. Hi Martin, hope you're well? Compares very well with the Davric kit, but Nigel's kits are a lot stronger and sturdier. They look a lot better machine with the wider track pads than the Davric.
  2. 1:32 the finished article. Very impressed with Nigel Paines kits.
  3. 3D printed JCB 808’s 1:32 recently finished 1:50 and 1:76 ongoing.
  4. Yes Sean I did make one work, but I've not put it on this one. It's destined for another digger.
  5. Just been having a bit of a tinker...Britains 3c
  6. Just thought I would have a go at making a Nuffield 460 4-wheel drive. It's a conversion from a standard ScaleDown kit that I worked on using pictures from various books.
  7. thanks toolbox tam thought it was about time to have a go with the airbrush i got at lanark last year . not as easy as dan makes it look but i'm fairly happy with it .
  8. Thanks for the comments folks. John, you're right they're not cheap but they are a good model, and they do the old British models, which is what I wanted.
  9. Its from an Accurate Armour gun tractor resin kit, but to be honest I only used their cab, wheels and part of the chassis (which was twisted by the way!!) the rest of it is scratch built. Its in 1:35 scale, but it looks fine next to everything else.
  10. Just as a break from dry stone walling for my other project, I had a go at making this Matador timber tractor. It's worked from photographs from a friends actual tractor, which works around the Pickering, North Yorkshire area.
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