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Rangatiki River valley..


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Here are some pics from the farm im working on at the moment, not the best day for the pics but they still look good

The paddock i spent 2days leveling and rolling this one is 10m above the river level




This is up the top, proberly 400-500m above the river, 3 terices




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Nick you know not to tease with NZ Pics :( Them hills in the distance look inviting over the flat land. When we came through on the bus from Taupo to Wellington we followed a twisty windy road down a gorge with a railway the other side of the river . . . . Name escapes me. . .

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i can see said gorge out my kitchen window tris ;) Manawatu gorge, ill go snap some pics of that next week....

Did you come down through hawkes bay then tris? love the hawkes bay (Born there)

In the 3rd pic in the second post... You can see the main road between Feilding and Hunterville, Vinger hill road.... Alternative route to the main highway. it is the slant in the hillside between the hedge and power pole ::)

I love looking around where i am working, i can see all the way to the west coast out over Bulls,  :-*:-* has to be  a fine day though

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I can't remember if we did that route or not to be honest Nick. That name rings a bell yes  :) I think when we travelled down there was a landslip derailing a train. .. nothing major just a carriage or two fell off the rail. It was on the radio on board the coach anyway.

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If that small hole was over here Nick it would be full of old shopping trolley's, beds and burnt out cars!  :D

Well thruth be knowen jase that small hole...... its around 100m deep, 20 wide and 6km long, and has the smallest amout of water trickling in the bottom of it ::) ::)

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