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nice collection  ;) and their all in tip-top condition  8)

thank you its only because all i do is carpet farming and some of the implements dont really get used

Some SUPERB pics buddy... you've nailed the art of taking pics for sure... nice models too by the way  ;)

very good pictures nice and clear

I think you have a very good tast,nice collection mate  :) :) ;)

thank yous 
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right really easy iam using a pansonic FZ8 should work with all camers with little tripod on simple mode with flash forced on and because my table and wall is white the flash maks the whole thing look like its a solid background so the thing your taking the photo of stands out

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nice outfit there with the claas  ;) like the shed its in front of to, any pics of that mate  ???  ;D

the pics are in my model farm topic

Superb pics... I know only too well how tricky it can be  ;)

So whats your favourite model in your collection  ???

my favourite is my jcb 3cx but i like my claas as well  :-\

i hope the snow clearing will be a while of yet  :-[ claas looks nice like that though  ;)

so do i but you never be to early

Nice claas mate, looks good and ready for the winter :) :) :) :) :)

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