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Komatsu mini excavator question

Robert in NY

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I had never thought of that but I don't think that is the case as there are way too many of them out there these colors. I also thought it was possibly a location thing as far as the models for Japan being painted different colors then models for Europe or North America but I see all three colors listed for sale everywhere.

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I think they wanted to make there middle age minis (1990-2004ish) a diffrent colur form the biggins and the old minis, could have also be a Japan goverment rule as i know you can get Hitachi zero tail swingers in the same colur as the digger in your middle pic, i know that all komatsu minis are yellow and black now,

I think these colours went up to 6 ton on the minis and there are some ruber ducks ( wheeled) diggers in the purple that are in the 12 ton class....

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