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Irragation pipe trailer

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Nice bit of work there Ol ;)

Thanks Jason,Means alot coming from one of the best sratch builders.

Ver very nice as always Ol.Like i said you have the skills for a destoner mate  :);) ;)

By the way mate....who´s the girl  :o:D :D :D :D :D

My wife! ;)

Your irrigation set up is going to be immense, Ol. This is another finet addition :) Is the the beginnings of the sideshift in the background?

Thanks Tris,thanks alot.Yes it is a new side shift,I'm stuck on what to use for sprinklers atm.

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nice work Ol, :) :) :)

here's one i made earlier ;) ;)


That's neat ben.

I thought so mate  :D :D

Where have you got those pipes Ol ?

You see Pete,I have no problems with that one as she stays on the farm working and never runs away from me.

The pipe came from a model shop here in NZ,it's made in the USA though.

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Nice Ol love to see the irrigation systems like we have at home...

Cheers rick.

I like this Ol, and 'feels right' on the back of your little 4270.... when do we get to see all this kit I'm hearing about together in some dirt  ???;);D

Yer I think it's the sort of tractor you'd see on a job like that aswell.Thanks Simon.

Veru very nice Ol... top work buddy you sure have a knack for this sort of thing  :)

Thanks for looking Mark.

looks swell mate really good

Tar very much.

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