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Some new Ford convos

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Started with a few 5000 chassies today. Hopefully, it will be a 7810, a few 8210's. And maybe a 7710 2wd, just for company to a small blokes 8210. 8) 8)

I totally drained Toys r' us Britains shelf for those Fords  :D :D

Im not for sure if the nose cone have the right shape  ??? ??? havent made anny of those 10 series before :-[


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Cheers lads!  :)

Heres some new pics from this evening. Think I have the right shape at the nose cone now -phew- A lot of plaster and even more sanding  >:( >:(

Tried with Britains front wheels on MC 175 rims, wich fitted pretty well after some turning. I dont know if they are to high, are they ???


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