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1/16 Farm Shed (work in progress)

B A Baracus

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Bit more work to this

I didnt want a level surface as im adding gravel so I got a box of pollyfilla out and started "plastering"




I couldnt make up my mind to do the roof green or red so took a spin out in the car and most of the sheds round me have a red roof. So I started painting the steelwork green



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Nicely done indeed. Don't forget the garden dirt (careful if you have cats!!  :D ) rubbed into the Polyfilla. This is going to make a nice diorama for these tractors.

The gate looks a bit narrow . ... I take it the tractors do fit thfough?

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I mix the ballast with PVA and water. Gets a bit messy but it gave a good effect, pressing it down with your fingers leaves it a little uneven too as if trafficed. Grass if its the scatter you need to either do the same with more water, or to get some depth, smear PVA around unevenly and then sprinkle the scatter on top. When set (in both cases) tip of excess and spray with water/pva mix through a Windowlene type bottle to seal it.

Hope this is of some help to you :)

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