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15 minute conversion - Siku hitch onto Ertl 8670

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I am like lighting.... just call me Mr Speedy ;D:D

Thought i'd tackle this last night while I was waiting for the filler to dry on the Renault.

If anyone fancies this here is how I did it, it may be old news but someone may find it useful....

I bought an Ertl Ford NH 8670 at Tractor World and was disappointed to find that it only had a really crap towing ring and no really crap Ertl linkage... so...

Typically I forgot to take a picture of it before I started but you know what I mean...

You will need:

Ertl 8670 - £18 from G&M

Siku hitch - £2.50 from Farm Models

Drill with 3mm approx bit

Dremel with cutting disc

Sturdy fine flat screwdriver

Small phillips screwdriver

Craft knife

Pliers, needle nose or fine normal ones


First, tackle the back wheels, I hate the Ertl axles with the collar on, I got mine off by prying the collar up with a screwdriver until I could get the pliers on it and pull it off to withdraw the axle.

Then undo the 2 screws holding the cab on, one under each mudguard

Dril out the 5 rivets holding the casting together, there's one below the side of the headlights, one in the weight frame, one under the dash, one under the rear axle & one in a deep recess behind the steps.

Slit the decals which cross the 2 halves of the casting, these being the front grill, dash instruments and the warning triangle behind the cab.

Pry the casting apart with the flat screwdriver...


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Remove the old ring hitch which fits in a very similar way to the Siku linkage.

Using a cutting wheel on a Dremel [other rotary tools are available ;)::):D] open out the casting front to back to enlarge the slot, it also needs making wider.

To make a bit more space just inside the casting put the cutting wheel up into the slot at an angle from below....

Check the linkage for fit... if you enlarge both sides a bit at a time and keep trying to assemble it it doesn't take much to get the whole thing to slot back together neatly.

If you've done it right the hitch will hold itself rigid...



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Put the front axle assembly back into one half of the casting along with the linkage, dab some superglue round the linkage and any bits of casting which will touch when assembled, then press the whole thing together.

Replace the cab interior and slot the cab on and put the screws back into it under the mudguards.

Push the rear axle back through, toss the other wheel on and away to go...

There's more I want to do to this model yet but it's been annoying me sitting there without a linkage....



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thanks simon , really ought to get round to doing my ford & fiat :)

No bother Marcus... nice to finally be able to contribute something useful! ::):D :D

That is fast conversion Simon. But sorry it took you 18 minutes and 17 seconds ;D;)


Only because I stopped to pick my nose Bas ::);):D :D

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