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Model farming diary - April 2009


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Well the shop expansion is still underway. I don't think we will see too many new pieces of equipment this spring. I do forsee some new iron arriving later this summer though  ;):) For the spring there is a New Holland bidirectional showing up in a few weeks.  8) Here are a few tillage shots, unfortunately we were not able to keep going because of a snow storm  ::)




Here is a shot of the farms shop expansion. There has been some progress made since but I have been pretty busy, I am hoping to get this finished over the summer.


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Luke this is one of the most realistic dioramas I've seen, excellent photographs too!

1. Your lighting is great, is the set up in a greenhouse/ conservatory or something?

2. How did you create your ground; mixed static grass for the meadow, fish tank stones for the mud?)

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Thank you CMB  ;):)

1) I just wait until there is a really nice day out, then I take a wheel barrel with some wood on top then lay down a small sheet of Styrofoam. Then I just add what ever base I need to work with, usually grass or dirt. It is suppose to be a nice day out tomorrow so if i get out ill snap a few pictures  ;)

2) For the grass I use a mat I picked up from a local craft store. Over here in the States we have Michaels or AC Moore craft stores that typically carry it around the Christmas time. For the mud I just used dirt that I left in the sun to dry. I still need to run it through a screen to smooth it out a little bit more.

As and update the farms New Holland bi-directional is set to arrive next week. Just in time for hay season at the end of May.  8)

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