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Wow Pete, just started and it looks already like a spot on to me!

Can you tell me what parts that you used for this one?

Looks like the base and cab of a mc cormick MTX?

Thanks mate  :)

Yes the chassis,floorpan and cab are the MTX

The bonnet is based from the Britains

Roof from the Ertl 8670

Wheels, axle Siku Fendt 718

na horrible pete, get back to the reds, blue just so isn't your colour mate ;):D :D :D :D :D :D

looking good so far mate, ,as said in the post before, what chassis have you used?

Thanks Sean  :) :) :) MTX mate  ;)

suits me  ;D

Not this one Murray  :'( :'( :'( ;D:D;):-*

Looks tidy  ;D

I'll have a stab and say MTX chassis, floorplan and cab. Siku fendt front axle and mudguards and Britains NH front weight.. ???

Yes Blake you can your homework mate  :D :D :D;)

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Thank god for that Rickle.... for a second there I thought you'd gone all 'greenosexual' on us... back to the blues and hairy man stuff, excellent, I could even forgive you for riding your bike with your feet forward after seeing this..... ;);D:D

How did you get the bonnet right old man... ??? It just looks 'right' for a long wheel base TM..... :-\ ???:)

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Cheers Mr. Ham  :D :D :D

You can have a look in the modelfarmer board mate  ::) ::)::)

I hope that  i have find the right wheel base this time mate  ;)

Harley davidson forever Mr.Ham  :D :D :D8) 8)

[glow=purple,2,300]young man, there's no need to feel down, I said young man, get on your bike and ride round...........It's fun to stay at the YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY . M . C  .A..... [/glow] :D :D

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