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in the event of  braekdown

cab can't tip forward i take it?

I don't think the 1.32 scale engine will breakdown ;D ;D

Joking aside on the real ones the top is hinged like Mark says ;) still a problem with 2 Heeston bales on top though ::) ::)

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that looks nice paul , new rey cab ? only asked as it doesn't look deep enough for a sleeper , seems like you & tris are going to clear up with the straw haulahe this year what with his MAN F2000 !

am currently badgering the office to look at the new TGS 480 MAN for when mine's chopped , as im not keen on having a Scania G470

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or bale handler by the look of it  :D :D ;)

I have about 20 Britains big bales somewhere ::) Maisie assures me that her horses haven't eaten them :D :D

When I find them i'll make a Albutt big bale stacker for the JD ;) ;)

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