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Something tells me that yoak will be heard roaring for miles once complete and hooked to a hefty little something. 8)

Thats only if i get of my a$$ and finsh it..... looked at a real one today, usa spec tho, so i have a good idea what engine details i need, guess i had better head off to the work bench then...

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Looking good, but i'm not sure the 6000 series cab compliments it well  :-\

Just my opinion. The actual 7000 series cab looks different. Not taking anything away from you, no-one seems to of managed an exact cab replica as such on any 7810's i've seen. Some people use a MX135 cab, it's a tough one. Rest looks spot on though, don't let my neagtivity put you off  :)


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Yea i know what you mean. its the same shape but the real 78 cab is only 5 in longer and wider.  it puts me of also. im happy with it so far. recon there might be a bit to much gap under the rear wheel arch

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