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My House ! Update !!!!!

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habe mal so langsam mit dem Haus begonnen  :!:



Neben der Garage wird es einen kleinen Hofladen geben, wo man diverse Dinge wie Kartoffeln, Fleisch (von den eigenen Bullen) und Wurst zu Kaufen bekommt  :!:

Vor der Garage kommt der Hausflur, wo man dann links in die Eßküche gelangt und vom Flur in den Tankraum des Rohbrandes  :!: Rechts daneben, also neben der Maschinenhalle kommt die Schnapsbrennerei hin  :!:

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Very Nice

I have use Google Translate to understand you mate  ;) ;)

In addition to the garage, there will be a small farm shop, where you various things such as potatoes, meat (of his own bulls) and Sausage gets to Buy:!:

Above the garage, the hallway, where you turn left into the dining room from the hallway and reached into the tank room of the Raw distillate:!: Right side, so apart from the engine room, the Schnapsbrennerei out:!:

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Today, we were able to finish 2nd floor  :!:



On the last picture on the right, the granary of the distillery is at the door is a staircase in the great hall lead. Links below will give it a kid's room, right next to a toilet comes out. Yonder is the stairway, the large Wohnessküche follows:!:

The 2 floors can be reached by the panel off, so I then can create individual rooms:!:

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