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britains 805 volvo logging logging tractors

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guys been looking at a new buy of mine and was wondering, should the front winch bit on these have a rope/hook on or not, been looking through a few collectors websites and none seem to have that on them, if this is the case why did they fit the winch in the first place the boxed ones pic wise i have come across dont show much at all

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mmm thats what i have sort of found steve, shes moved my pullen book so i can't find it right now, got the fmv trailer and yes thats roped and hooked, but not found one pic that suggets a rope and hook on the logger unit tractors, even the last green and orange ones

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All the Valmet Logging tractors (and the trailers) came fitted with the winch, but the rope (cotton!) and the hook were packed seperately in the box within a small plastic bag for the buyer/child to fit themselves.  Obviously some collectors, who wish to keep the model absolutely mint, do not fit these (which is why a lot of pics from peoples collections do not show them). 

The winch fitted to the Land Rover 90 was similarly packed with the cotton and hook seperate.

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If you look on eBay and type in 'Dinky crane rope and hook' in 'diecast and vehicles' you will find someone selling new green 'rope' and hook, there are several different hooks so you'll have to pick out a suitable type, and they are pretty cheap.

Heres a hook.


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