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Massey Ferguson 595 MARK 2

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the problem with the uh 590 that many may have noticed is the rear wheels are too far back...For a 595 conversion this is ideal as the answer is to cut the chassis and move the whole cab back....a 2nd tank must be made for the left hand side with the steps protruding through it like in my previous picture 2...new exhaust was made,bonnet heavily modified,pma front axle and the centres cut from a set of pma wheels and added to a set of jd4020 rims,engine chassis rails made,diesel injector pipes made,radiator hose fitted,radiator cap on bonnet moved,new radiator made,new diesel filter made,new tyres fitted to rear,mudguards extended,lights modified,engine modified to remove the famous dimples on the sump(595s didnt have this).....starter moved,grill modified,glazing was all removed and whole tractor and cab repainted in genuine mf paint,wheels and roof repainted,phew think thats about it...hell of a job...........during the build you see just how many differences there are in the 595 and the rest of the  UK built range



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the 590 HMT model is also incorrect..the silver paint stops too low on the cab,it should be higher up to door handle height but the biggest downfall of the uh 5904wd is the fact that the back wheels are way too far back,so for the rest of the range in model form you cant cut the chassis and move the cab back because then the front axle will look too far forward so the only answer is cutting off the trumpets and moving them forward so im expecting the rest of the range to present problems....

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the mark 2 was a much improved tractor over the original mark1....a lot of the problems were ironed out in the mark2 and although they were never as good as their british cousins the mark2 wasnt such a bad tractor.....the a4.318 engine just never had the same bite or reliability as the 236 or 248,they were without doubt twice the engine and probably from the outset the 595 should have been at least 10-15 hp more than they were at 88hp.the turbo kit was available from OPICO but the engine didnt like it and overheating was an issue,the kit brought her up to 103hp and this was more like it....the 595 are now of course a true classic tractor

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