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feed mixing lorry

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I see you found one of them Newrays too then, Graham?  :laugh: Found a couple myself when we were down near Weymouth last month.

Anyway, very similar to the Buschoff (I think it is spelt like that . ..) unit on an MAN which used to frequently visit the farm I worked on to mix up cereal blend for the bull beef.

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farther run dodges for years with two speed axles ,then he ran  a mercedes 1617 for the later years until he retired bill but i like the scanias bill so built it round that , in the late sixtys early seventys bill they came over from america originally farmhand built them and brought them in ,my dad was always busy but done more horse chaff in the end instead of farm mixing , tris i remember going with my dad to look at one of those machines down blandford way he was talking at the time of running one but never did ,but it did make a nice ration for the animals , found the scania in tk max was a towtruck :D got to love a scania

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