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fendt 820 & 6 furrow


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Fendt 820 - 205hp

Kuhn vari-master 112 T 6 furrow - maximum power 172hp

Kuhn multi master 182 T 6 furrow - maximum power 261hp

From Fendt and Kuhn website...... i don't understand why they put "maximum" power, surley it should be "minimum" ???

Its normally based around what the headstock can cope with well is with KV.  Easier that way as all different soils require different hp to pull so they just say what maximum power should ideally be used with them

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can an 820 handle a kuhn 6 furrow plough on medium land??

It should do , I used to pull a 6 furrow semi mount kuhn set on 14 inch furrows with a valtra 191 without to much trouble on some fairly sturn soil types , did try it on a fully mounted 6 furrow but it struggled to lift it
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Will it be spring release?? Is the land hilly, if so not a chance.

If its not spring release and on flat land it will not be a problem to her.

To put it like this we have hilly medium ground and our neighbour struggles with a tm155 with a full set of weights on a spring release kv, go 70 miles to limivady and theres man i know of milling around with no bother with a tm120 on a 5 furrow non spring release (lighter to lift) on light flat land with not a bother to her

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