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John Deere 8330


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Does anybody know the real story behind the decision to include Siku-style front linkage on this was? Only just noticed that the two 8R JDs in the catalogue have front weights so no tractors (excluding the JCBs) have a front linkage.

Fair enough (though unlikely) if they were helping the collector by allowing him to put on front-mounted Siku implements, but if so then why only do it on the one model? And if there were plans to reintroduce Britains front-mounted implements, why was it nixed?

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Pictures of the forthcoming 7R show it also has the front A-frame, and no, I don't think there has been an official reason given for fitting it - perhaps something for Andy to ask questions about?

I expect the reason is similar to the reason why Siku, Hausser, Yaxon et al fitted a Britains type rear linkage when they started out making toy tractors.

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I presume it's something along those lines PM, but why do it on just two models? And those companies also began to produce implements to fit their (and Britains') tractors, but Britains don't seem to have a front-mounted programme in the offing

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