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TW 25 and Valmet with snow plough


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Hey guys I have an option to buy these 2 models, a TW25 and a Valmet and snow plough. I haven't bought any models since the early 80's and want to get started again but have no idea of values or what they might be worth. They are both boxed and in mint condition.



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The Ford is always popular, some making over £100 but I would guess £50 to £60 if your looking to get a good deal?

Valmet would be similar, if your buying from mainland Europe, it will probably cost you more than it would, if buying from the UK.

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in europe you see the boxed TW25's making around 60 up to 75 euro's which is quite near the 50-60 pounds mark. The Valmet with snowplough would make around 60-65 euro's is my guess, so a good deal would be around 120 euro's - 100 pounds.. Welcome (back) to the farm toy collecting weirdo's. you'll find a great deal of them on here, some crazier then other's but we all started with buying a few models from childhood memories  ;)

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