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heaths of stockton- jordan's new work


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well i have found a job, well it sort of found me really. i will soon be working at heaths of stockton. it is a mixed farm of pigs, constantly expanding dairy and medium arable (cereals, spuds ect..)

my main role will be working with the pigs but when very busy in the harvest and silage i might get some machinery work.

im just sorting out getting a look around my new surroundings,what i will be doing and what days/hours ill be working.

so ive gone pigs to dairy to arable and now to all 3. should make it more enjoyable


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cheers boys, ill keep you updated on how things go and will get pics of all ares of the farm

Pigs? I thought you were getting disgruntled at your last job due to lack of tractor driving? :\

very true tris but i have been promised machinery work at silage for the dairy and main cereals and spud harvest but the pigs will be my main job. and tere will still be sheds to clean out and with te size of them they must have a small centre pivot loader or small loader tractor for that.

i have also been told that i will be replacing an agency worker due to me being able to do more with the certificates i have and with the experience i have they could put me nearly anywhere on the farm if a worker was ill

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This farm always fascinated me when I was at college as they seemed to do everything themselves and so had a lot of nice looking kit, isnt one of the Heaths the JCB landpower maina man or at least was as they use to have a lot of pre production fastracs working there.

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yes they do have a couple of fastracs and many john deeres due to the john deere/JCB dealer being only 1/2 mile down the road.

and yes tris there will be plenty of overtime there. and tbh they should stick to there word as said earlier they own all there kit and do everything themselves and so there isnt any chance of your own cheap labour (that can do the job) being put 2nd to a expensive contract worker that doent work for you full time

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