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Newby Hall vintage tractor show north yorkshire largest in the uk june 11 +12


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the YVA rally will take place  at Newby Hall  near Ripon , North Yorkshire , June 11 and 12th from 10pm to 5pm

this is to mark the nation,s first national tractor day and will be the largest outdoor vintage tractor show in the uk ,

one of the shows highlights of the weekend will be the record entry of Titan 1020s,more than 50 models of the classic ,built between 1915 and 1921 have already been registered.

with tractors / machines as far afield as the US,HOLLAND,GERMANY and IERLAND as well as the  UK

altogether the organisers are expecting more then 1,000 exhibits

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Went today, got wet  :(  good show, some really nice nashes  :)  poor showing of John Deeres  :(  but a lovely IH snoopy there which was worth seeing  :)

Did quite wonder if any other forum members were there today, if there was, me and my stepdad were walking round in blue jackets with TW SEWELL & SONS and a JD embroidered on them  :P

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it was a good show all in all ,i have never see as many vintage tractors in one place and i will be back there next year ,just hope the weather is better next year ,nice to bump in to some of the members from hear ,i was busy on the Sunday morning and when i got chance to have a look round and take some pictures it started to rain ,i now wish i did the two day event but hey ho .

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