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Modern dairying in NZ.

Light Land

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For the interested,I thought I'd show a few pictures of a modern milking shed in NZ.

The farm milks 600 Friesian cows (avg age of cows is 5 years old)from 1st August through till 30 May.

-The milking shed(50 bale rotory) and layout of the feed pad were the cows eat there silage after milking is 100% kiwi designed and made.

-Waste water from the shed is kept and used to flood wash the feed pad once a day.

-Spring ration per cow per day is: 4kg/DM rolled wheat (feed while milking)

                                            8kg/DM Maize silage

                                            1kg/DM Palm kernal

                                            12kg/DM pasture (rye grass,chickory,lucerne mix)

-The cows are giving 28ltrs for the frist few weeks after calving on this diet of 25kg/DM

-2.5 hour milking time.

-The farm uses the #1 brand of vertical mixer wagons in NZ.

30 Tonnes of feed wheat unloaded in 30mins.





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Regal Transport  :) :)

Nice shots Ol and interesting to read something about the diet as this is something I have anything to do with here so I find it interesting to read what you are doing  :) :) Thanks for taking the time to post it up and I hope we see some more.


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Nice unit there Ol, and a lovely parlour as well  ;D  what are your butterfats and solids like? Also how are stomatic cell counts across the herd?

Thanks Pat

200-300,000 cell count avg.Out door cows always have a higher cell count here.

460kgs of milksoilds per cow this season (it's hard to get more from the girls with the cold windy nights you get here in spring.)

Thanks Tris,good of you to look mate.Regal have 90 trucks runing now!

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But only 80 trucks have drivers,that company's drivers spend alot of time away from home and thats as you know is not everyones cup of tea exp if you have wee kids or a hobby farm to tend too.$60,000 per year they pay there drivers Tris.

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Is it all ag/grape haulage they do, Ol? Was he delivering meal to you that day?

You're right there on the life away from work - there isn't much of one for a trucker up the road all week.

Yer fert,grapes,grain that sort of stuff.Wheat he was dropping off.

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Milled or do guys mill your own feed?

Milled and minerals added on farm,it's a rip off getting meal or milled grain here alot of farmers don't even feed meal to there calves,just milled grain.It's the old thing saying hey "the middle man makes the money"
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