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Tris & Ollie in combine heaven.

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Picking up soya beans does seem to scratch the earth a fair bit hey Ol?!!  :of :of Wide headers they have too, I used a 3m one I think it was with the R62 picking up windrowed barley. I cut soya beans conventionally with an auger header where as for grains we used the MacDons.



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The trucks would hit the header front if it was true to center Sean or you would need a very long augar,also it helps when driving next to the fence as you can see the side of the header front easyer. :)


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No you're right. They are on Gleaners, the rotor is across ways so the crop is fed up nearer one side of them and it also keeps the unloading auger shorter so not as much sticks out beyond the back of the combine.

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