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man tga 18.430 john dickinson

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no i have not got a cat dumper to go on the back but that would just be just the  job  ;) ;) ,this has been done because john and one of his sons chris were so happy with the scanias i did for them .that they wanted a man done in there colours as well ,and the fact that this unit was r/c did not seem to bother them , ;) ;) ;)

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just took the man truck over for john Dickinson and he was blown away by it ,he is over the moon with the work i have done for him ,for a guy approaching 70 years old he sharp took to the controls of the remote control  ;) ;), ,,now on to the frank Hudson transport order  ;)

the john Dickinson transport company is massive moving CAT and you will see them all over the UK and some in Europe ,so it is no wonder forum members are spotting them every were

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They have one of the contracts moving the CAT pivot steer dumpers from the factory 'oop narth' to the docks. I was chatting to one of the drivers one day in Southampton docks when I was unloading a Case Puma there. He backed an artic dumper off without hardly a glance in the mirrors. ... as they were folded in!  :laugh: :laugh: Second nature to him I guess. He has an MAN tga XXL.

Like the mode (again!), nice to have a brand done as per the real one. Shame the MAN has not been made available without the R/C.

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yes your dead right ,i do hope siku bring out the MAN truck in push along ,because the r/c ones are a bit of a hit to the pocket even at trade cost ,i know new ray and welly do them but they not the same quality, not even in the same league ,but then the siku ones need to be good to justify the price ,

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