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Gwyns Barn Farm


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Here is the start of a model farm i am starting from scratch,

i am basing it on a mix of various farms i have worked at.

it will be based on an arable & contracting fleet.

they farm 900 acres themselves inc 360 acres of potatoes for general ware/frying. 140 acres of OSR, 300 acres of wheat, 30 acres of fodder beet ground for a neibour to graze his sheep on, 60 acres of hay making grassland.

the contracting side covers around 5000 acres of farmland

potato harvesting & carting

hay/silage mowing, raking, round baling & wrapping

muck spreading

slurry spreading/injecting

bale, grain & muck carting using 12, 14 & 16 tonne trailers

ploughing using 4&5 furrow ploughs

min till cultivations using 3m lemken, 3m agrisem, 5m vaderstadt.

power harrowing using 4m kuhn

tractors on the farm & contracting

jd 6930 x 2

jd 6930 + loader

jd 7430 + front linkage pto

fendt 724

valtra n142

mf 6290 + loader

and the fleet will keep growing












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thnks for the comments, i have just purchased the materials needed to build 1 x 1000tonne potato store in 1/32. needless to say its not going to be small and is going to take a long time to build. i will post more photos of my custom models that will feature on the layout.

this new building alone will be almost 1m in length and 45cm wide

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well i today started my potato store, i am basing it on one of the latest stores to be built at JRO Griffiths & Sons. i am leaving one side of the store open so i can develop it in the future by joining another store onto it

here is how im getting on so far.

in the picture is my 1/32 john deere 6930 with loader to give an idea of the size.











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Big shed, Jordan. Will you bring it to shows etc, thinking about transporting something so big.....

It looks great though and by the time you have wiped out all your local supermarkets to fill it with mustard seeds the household will be sneezing forever!

Look forward to seeing it progress. Make sure the I beam is to scale too else you'll get a saggy roof, it is a big span to cover.

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