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Shropshire Farmlife DVD- Jordan's Agri Photo's


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well i have decided to make myself a little project thats actually quite a big project.

i am creating a dvd based on some of the major arable farming businesses in shropshire. i have already got many businesses that have agreed to me visiting them ad different times of the year to see how they are all getting on and view there different farming practices.

my first visit is to PDM produce ltd in newport, telford. i am meeting with the director who is going to to show me around the site and give me some details of the business and then we will make our way to the fields where they currently have an impressive fleet of machinery working on sowing the crop. they are one of the countries leading lettuce producers and they run a fantastic team of john deeres running from 6330's up to 8RT models. they run around 30 tractors all together.

i have also got permission from JRO Griffiths & Sons, JC & MW Suckley's and Robert Pinches Contractors to visit them and film at various points through the year.

i will also be visiting the smaller arable farms to give a variation of size but to show if size has any effect on the end product.

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well here is my first update,

today i visited PDM produce.

i had a look around the site and went to view some of the kit working in the fields.

they were preping and drilling spinach

i was amazed to be told that all there tractors are replaced as soon as they get to 2 years old. they also have a john deere 6170R but have not yet used it and are not sure what they are going to use it for.

last week they purchashed a brand new john deere 9360RT but it was out subsoiling today so i havnt yet got photos of that











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in the second photo they seem to be ploughing ground that has been Sumo'd, I would have thought that was a waste to cultivate twice?

they have subsoiled 2ft deep and then ploughing the ground up. that field is a rented field and so they are giving it a good working ready for a gem lettuce crop to be planted

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Well i will be paying JRO Griffiths & Sons a visit tommorow after being given the go ahead by Robin Griffiths that they are well under way with planting, we will se a large fleet of modern machinery working on an impressive scale, i have been informed that they have quite a bit of new kit to show off aswell.

there are many new john deere 6R & 7R series deeres working on the farms around here now, everybody seems to have dipped into their pockets and invested so i should have plenty of photos of them knocking about.

updates should hopefully follow tommorow night

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hi, yes they do have loads of miedema kit, but i most probably wont see all of that in action untill the spud harvest kicks in later in the year when i visit them again.

they have 4 new grimme CS150 destoners and 3 new grimme GB215 high speed planters

in the second to last photo you can see my new camcorder mount that allows me to attch the camcorder to any piece of kit to help make the dvd













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