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FTF / Model Farmer Model Awards 2011/12


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The online voting for the top models of 2011 is now open.

You can visit the survey by clicking the link below


This year, a shortlist has been compiled for each category so all you need to do is rank the candiates in order from 1 to 5 (or 10). 1 is the top candiate, 5 or 10, the bottom one.

Voting is open until the end of April. ^-^

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Well the results are in for this years awards. :) Thank you to everyone who voted. We had almost 500 responses in the end which is a great representation of the hobby. I know for a fact that the manufacturers are very keen to know the results of this and some will be introducing the award emblem (if they have won) in their catalogues for next year. Similar to the What? awards you see on products.

I am pleased to present the results as follows:

The best tractors for 2011 as voted for by you:

First Place: The Marge Models 1/32 Ford 7610 2WD or 4WD

Second Place: The Schuco 1/32 International 1455XL

Third Place: The Wiking 1/32 Fendt 939

The best implements for 2011:

First Place: The ROS 1/32 Grimme GT170 Potato Harvester

Second Place: The Wiking 1/32 Samson SG28 Slurry Tanker

Third Place: The Equaterre 1/32 Franquet Synchromix 3m Cultivator

The best 'Other Vehicle' for 2011:

First Place: The ROS 1/32 Grimme Rexor 620 Sugar Beet Harvester

Second Place: The Norev 1/32 Claas Lexion 770TT Combine

Third Place: The Universal Hobbies Krone Big X Forage Harvester

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no surprises there, i think all no.1's were also on my list..

but more importantly, a flipping 500 voters is fantastic! very proud for FTF to create such an interest and i think it would be great that manufacturers are taking note from the collectors and their appreciation for the models they produce..

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The only surprise for me was the Britains IH and Case IH not getting into the top three. It was some way behind third place as well.

Possibly indicates FTF members are prepared to pay a little more for realism and detail.

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