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Marshall 100 series tractors

Valley Axe Man

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Here a few of my photos of Marshalls 100 series tractors, Taken out and about and at Gt Ecclestone Agricultural show and Tractor Pulling, usually held 3rd weekend of July every year.

There might not be many Marshall men on here but these belong to a Local Contractor, Who owns both the Golden Harvest and Green and Yellow versions of the 100, and the 904 that sneaked in the photos too,The Green and Yellow actually being produced as a special by the factory for a order as a special request :) and the straight pipe makes the 6 cylinder sound awesome ;)


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Thats a real shame, The 100 series were leaders of the day, they had the telescopic pick up hitch, that a lot of folk said was a waste of time, but 30 years later in todays agriculture even the yard tractor has a telescopic hitch! and the sound of that leyland 6 cylinder is 2nd to none. :)

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