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Marklin Lanz Bulldog 8029 from 1959

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I have 3 models of the diecast Marklin Lanz Bulldog tractor, model 8029 from 1959, of which 2 are in green and one in yellow, and all of which do not have an exhaust stack, which I understand to be correct for this model.

I also believe that this model was produced in red - is this correct ?

At the Spalding Show on Sunday 1 April 2012 there was another version of this model for sale, with a black exhaust stack with a flexible connection where it joined the engine.

When I examined this model closely it was obvious that the whole model had been manufactured in plastic and was not diecast, although the box that it was offered with appeared to be a much earlier version of the box that accompanied my model (see photo).

Can anyone confirm whether this is a correct model from 1959 or is it one of the new replicas that were issued by Marklin in 2011 and boxed as Model No 18029. This replica however has a green exhaust stack with flexible connection to match the tractor colour as shown on the Marklin Insider Club News newsletter No 2 of 2011, which is available on the intenet.

Any advice would be gratefully accepted.


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Thanks for your replies. I guess the photos posted by Andy are of an earlier version than mine, which I wasn't aware of, because they are numbered 8002 whereas mine are numbered 8025.

The difference being that the 8025 versions without the exhaust stack and the black stub don't have the word LANZ on the radiator front, and the boxes are different.

What model number is the original green version shown without the exhaust stack ?

I assume that the models in the photos are all in diecast metal, which still doesn't answer the fundamental question, however, as to whether there was a version made either in plastic or resin, in green with a black exhaust stack.

Nice to see the red version with yellow wheels, which I have never seen.

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