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Just thought that this might be a bit of fun and see what your tastes are in the world of art. Art covers a wide subject and media variety but here I'm talking painters, past or present so, if you had money to burn and have a nice space on your living room wall to fill, what subject would you go for and who is your favourite artist?

My choice of subject is anything to do with the farming scene and local landscape. My favourite artist, if ever I had the oportunity and the funds to purchase one (or more) of his works, would be Rolf Harris. 'Can you guess what it is yet?'

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Nice topic :)

For me, Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night.


And i've been lucky enough to see it "in the flesh" in the Museum of Modern Art in New York


If sculptures are included in this, then I would have "Winged Victory of Samothrace" that is in the Louvre


This is also known as "Nike of Samothrace", it is a sculpture of the Greek goddess Nike, the godess of victory, and where the name for the sport goods brand originated from!

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in the affordable bracket, robert gillmor does some nice animal prints,


in the not affordable bracket, anything from the '50s or 60's by Vignale,



real deal


a ferrari 212 cabrio for example. i was fortunate enough to know the cars first owner, and see it in the flesh. after the owner died, my father and i took it to goodwood in '02 and sold it there... for a lot less than it was sold for last year in america!

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Although the designer of the Ferrari may be an artist Tim did say he was "talking painters" so I will stick with that and opt for Turner. I just love those foggy London scenes and his beautiful seascapes - The Fighting Temeraire is probably the most famous.

Lots of prints available http://www.oldmastersonline.com/e/search/tdSearch2.php?query=Turner

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