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This is what I've been working on: The HuntsMaster

photo 1 it shows two halves of the horse the head and two tails (one tail is attched to the Hound ha ha!), four hounds, fox and the Huntsmater.

photo 2/3 clean all the mould lines and flash off.

photo 4 attached arms with superglue - Note fill the gaps with green stuff

Photo 5/6/7 roll both parts together till it turns green -

photo 8-11 roll into a sauasage and apply with a tool add drops off water cos the green stuff becomes sticky

photo 12 Now hes ready tobe undercoated.













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Interesting stuff.

Couple of childish questions.

1. How did you manage to take photo's 2&3? (both your hands are the picture!!)

2. What sort of telephone is that, it's got more buttons than Cadbury's!!

3. What are the model items made from?

I like the last photo, we should have that as a caption competition picture :D

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in answer to 3. barry, back in my warhammer days i'd have called that white metal, which i think is a tin/ lead alloy...

I believe the greenstuff is a gamesworkshop product also? just having a huge nostalgia moment!

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in answer to 3. barry, back in my warhammer days i'd have called that white metal, which i think is a tin/ lead alloy...

I believe the greenstuff is a gamesworkshop product also? just having a huge nostalgia moment!

Hah me too! What a godawful waste of money that was...

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Here's photos of the horse and more greenstuff and one or two extra holes for the painting process.

Just a few problems with this horse. It comes in two halves, the head (There are different head poses) and the same applies for the tail and base.

Points to note.

  1. Both halves do not marry together, so plenty of sanding down to align them.
  2. The hole drilled for the tail is in the wrong place its halfway down its bum cheek. When you glue both halfs together fill the hole in with greenstuff. See photos. Then repostion the hole, use a 2mm drill bit.
  3. The head does not fit the body - more greenstuff is needed and plenty of sanding down and don't forget to cut the lug or stud off at the base of the head.. see photos
  4. Greenstuff was around before Gamesworkshop and I only look through the Gamesworkshop window now. ha ha!

I've drilled a hole in the saddle for one of two reasons: 1) So that I can pin the rider to the horse. 2) Attached the peg for painting the underside of the horse. see the photos. I also drilled a hole in the belly of the horse for the ease of painting.

Now its Ready for the base coat.....










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The Hunstmaster in full colour. sorry some photos are slightly out of focus

Paint used Acrylic: model colour and gamesworkshop. then magic coat - (clear floor polish mixed with matt varnish)


  1. Base coat black
  2. red for the coat layer it on and highlight with a touch of orange.
  3. Boots satin black, leather basecoat brown then highlight in shades of light brown followed by a brown ink wash.
  4. Hat matt black highlight with a bit of grey
  5. Trouser, gloves and neck scarf - basecoat light grey then layers of white.
  6. The collier is baesd on the percy Hunt in Northumberland from my town of Alnwick.
  7. The face start with a dark flesh tone then hight with lighter flesh tones.
  8. Eyes white for the white of the eye and black pupil
  9. Hair eyebrows black or what ever colour you chose
  10. Drybrush the hair a lighter-shade.

Last few photos of the finished Huntsmaster. All he needs now his is horse.













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I really love that horse - full of action and life and what a superb job you are doing. Are there any other similar models and who makes them?

I can see this project as a great subject for an article in Model Farmer. How to build machinery/tractors is a regular item but this is something really special.

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Thanks for your comments Anty Sue. will get back to you with the info.

I've startedon the horse. Note how the black undercoat as picked out flaws in the surface of the model hence small pot holes in the saddle and neck area. Just fill in with either milliput of greenstuff.

Last photo - Had to try out the hunts master on my display.... ;D





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