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Fraserburgh Vintage Vehicle Rally Sunday 3rd June 2012


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Today I cleaned the plugs on my 1951 American Farmall Cub, checked petrol oil and water and one crank and away the old girl went...oh what a feeling since I can't remember when she was started last year since she did not attend any rallies last year due to a faulty coil followed by many rainy shows which I did not exhibit at.

A wee video from my old camera....don't know if it will work or not :huh:

If not a couple of pictures from new camera



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A very smart Cub you have there Bill, a credit to you and very desireable. I have spent today starting up and cleaning and checking over 2 of my tractors today, we have a little Club ploughing day tomorrow, weather permitting, forecast is not good and it's raining pretty heavy here now so we may have to call it off.

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Thanks Tim I just hope she behaves as well at the show as she did yesterday at home...its great when a tractor starts on the first crank 8) The weather forecast looks good for Fraserburgh but being a coastal town it can still be a cold place.I hope you get a decent day for your club ploughing match...the weather makes or breaks these shows.

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Yesterday morning I set of at 6am for the show and arrived to a fine dry day and 8 degrees at Fraserburgh...mind you I had all the shiny bits covered for transit just in case of rain ;D ;D




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After unloading booking in I had a look around. The photos are just in the order taken on the day.

Inside the main exhibition hall there was a 300bhp Ford Fiesta RS WRC



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A new theme at the show this year was a Farming of Yesteryear Display with tractors and implements which was very good apart from the way they were lined up like waiting to board a ferry....a herring bone set up would have been better for me the point and clicker but hey ho I'll pass on my (constructive criticism) at the next show I see the organiser Jim Gray at ;D ;D







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It was a great day out and I don't know where the time went Chris. Yes it would be good to have a working day field but unfortunately no fields close by to the leisure center only sand dunes ;D ;D

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Now on with the tractors.


Next in the same class as myself Vic Mathers trio of reds. Vic was the class award winner and also had another award which I suspect was the best restored tractor. Nothing for his DB50T or no award I could see...anyway a well deserved winner.




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A rather nice original 1936 Twin City JTS...the primed tank spoils it but a new bottom had to be welded into the tank...ne thinks it would now best be weathered but the owner is undecided at present if its going to be given a full paint makeover :huh:




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Now back inside and in the exhibition centre. Lorry driver Robbie Watson from Fraserburgh was exhibiting for the first time. He was very pleased being a spectator at the Aberdeen show last month he wants to exhibit next year if there is space for him.



Ian May was back as usual



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Stuart Duncan another regular trader.



Also back again the Grays from Ayr


Ian May also had his cranes and grandson with him to help



Another trader but less said about him the better ;D ;D


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