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"The Shelf Canny take no more Captain" Paul's Tractors and stuff

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It’s been almost a year since I've been a member of this Forum So I thought it's about time I told you about my

Collection it started of with a Britains Massey Ferguson 1505 Then My Wife bought me a Britains Massey Ferguson 6290 Then My First ever winning bid on Ebay was Britains MF 2680 which is on the work bench waiting paint to finish of a restoration, then the list grows.


12 Tonne Marston Trailer - John Deere Green

Bomford "Superflow" chisel plough

Fold Up Cultivator (Orange)

Ford 5000

Ford 6600 (New)

Ford 7000

Ford 7600

Ford 7600 (New)

FW 30

Ifor Williams Livestock Trailer

John Deere 100 Big Square Baler

John Deere 840i Trailed Crop Sprayer

John Deere 3400 Telehandler

John Deere 4020 2wd Euro Spec

John Deere 4020 front wheel assist Euro Spec

John Deere 7500 Self Propelled Forage Harvester

John Deere 8330

Keenan Klassik 140 Diet Feeder Wagon

Land Rover Series 1 (dark green)

Land Rover Defender Station Wagon (Blue)

Land Rover Defender pick up (Blue)

Land Rover Defender 90 with Canopy (Blue)

Land Rover Defender 90 with Canopy (Red

Land Rover Discovery 3 Silver

Massey Ferguson 130 Drill

Massey Ferguson 362

Massey Ferguson 6140 Hi Vis

Massey Ferguson 6180

Massey Ferguson 6270 With Front end loader

Massey Ferguson 6480 with front loader

Massey Ferguson 760 (On work bench awaiting new Header and cab)

Massey Ferguson 7200 Series Combine

Massey Ferguson 7499

Simba Solo 300 Tillage Train

Spearhead Orbital Reach Mower

W.J.Cooper Discs

Vaderstad Rapid Combination Seed Drill


Massey Ferguson 1014

Massey Ferguson 3050(Conversion 2wd it looks like it has a Britains MF 590 front axle)


Bremer Front Grubber

Bremer Front Tyre Packer

Fold-up Disc Harrow (These are going to be converted to Massey Ferguson Discs not sure what model yet open to suggestions)

Front Cambridge Roller

Grey Fergie and Ferguson trailer.

Kuhn GMD 800 GII Rear Disk Mower

Kuhn GMD 802 F Front Mounted Disc Mower

Kuhn Axera-H 1102 EMC Fertiliser Spreader Blue

Lemken EurOpal 7 X Reversible Plough

Lemken Euro Titan 10 Plough

Lemken Gigant 1000

Lemken Saphir 7 Seed Drill Combination

Lemken Zirkon 10/300 Power Harrow

Massey Ferguson Quad bike

Massey Ferguson 284s

Massey Ferguson 5455

Massey Ferguson 5455 with Front Loader

Massey Ferguson 7278 Combine

Massey Ferguson 8270

Massey Ferguson 8280 Xtra (This tractor is also on the work bench having dual wheels fitted and a cab conversion (Full windows, Mirrors and such))

Massey Ferguson 8680 with all-round Duals

Massey Ferguson 8690


Amazone ZA Spreader

Fordson Power Major

Horsch Joker 4 CT Cultivator

Horsch Pronto 4DC Combination Seed Drill

Kuhn Vari-Master 182 Plough

Lemken Sirius 9 Sprayer

Lemken Solitare 9 Combination Seed Drill

Lemken Vario Pak

Massey Ferguson 24 Chisel plough

Massey Ferguson 25

Massey Ferguson 35x and Industrial Model

Massey Ferguson 135 regular and industrial models

Massey Ferguson 169V Round Baler

Massey Ferguson 590

Massey Ferguson 1200

Massey Ferguson 1250

Massey Ferguson 3080

Massey Ferguson 5470 (Fauchi Grey)

Massey Ferguson 5480 Black Engine / Transmission

Massey Ferguson 5480 Grey Engine / Transmission

Massey Ferguson 7499

Massey Ferguson 8690

Massey Ferguson 8690 with all round duals

Prosol P4.180 Power Harrow

Vaderstad A 800C Rapid Seed Drill

This is The Bulk of what I have collected over a period of about Six years, most of them being Birthday & Christmas

Presents from my Loving Wife and Kids I try to stick to Massey Ferguson when I can as that is supposed to be the theme of the collection but then you get a plough that a 2680 wouldn’t pull so a John Deere 8330 gets the job then UH come to rescue with the MF 8690, John Deere gets laid off, but as the detail is so good it stays in the collection,

I am also collecting the models from Tractors and the world of farming, but I won’t list all of them but let’s just say

that so far there are 91 of the little blighters, I reckon some of them might be a little over scale but it doesn’t spoil

the collection. Our Newsagent said that they will finish around issue 99 but I’ve heard that before.

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