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britains vaderstad drill 40922

Paul Palmer

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Your right on both counts Paul.I've taken the *** front discs off mine and are in the process of adding 2 rows of tines like some have to tidy it up abit.

thanks ol,in my topic,huish farm,i was on about a horsch tiger/pronto drill,but at about £60.00,via my mum and dads credit card,ive decided against that,i was thinking of a britains simba solo and britains vaderstad drill,£33.00.quite a difference,the drill is very basic,and i would have to pimp it up a bit,and so is the simba,have you any pictures of your model going under the knife ol
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I have a solo pulled by a MF8280 and I drill with the britains rapid pulled by a dauled up MF 8270 since they are basic models I've trat them up as and when I can.That rapid is a nice model from the back Paul.

ive only seen the standard britains picture of it,i havent seen the a** end of it,nice set up there ol,im still thinking of what system i am going to have,i have not got the money i used to have to throw at the hobby,i was going the same system as you ol,but my tractors are way to powerful for that ,if i added a double press to the simba that takes the total over the cost of the horsch tiger/pronto,£50.00 for simba and solo press and £17.00 for the vaderstad rapid,vaderstad route from uh, well very expensive,i emailed the vaderstad south of england rep and he said very rarely would you have a 4 metre topdown ahead of a 8 metre drill,so all in all,looks like back to the horsch tiger/pronto,lets have some pictures of the vaderstad 6 metre then ol
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DRILL, woops my bad, :-[<ahttp://www.farmtoysforum.com/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_undecided.gif' alt=':-'>[ ,Pity this isn't out yet,look smart on your Quaddy, http://www.farmmodel...edx-6000-t.html



dont take offence joe,because you allways keep me informed,but that siku,yuk,dont like,but allways nice of you joe for the suggestions
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