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striped jd 7920

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im just waiting on a set of wheels to come though and also how to put a set f siku links on the backcoz the one's that u get with it are naf

best ask DT or FP (and others) for that kind of advice :) :)

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i have done the rear wheels on on the 7920 they are now siku fendt 930 tyres on siku jd 6920s centers

i will post pics after me t and then i will get the drill out and start on the front ones i just need to see what wheel will fit.

You aint gonna have many tractors left by this evening then :D :D

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i have not finished with it yet i am going to put siku jd 6920 centers on the front wheels but for now i have just nicked the tyres off it.

the tractor is made from

a britains jd 7920,

the rear rims from a siku jd 6920 including axel pin ( axel pin will be replaced with 3mm stainles steal rod when the rings that go on the end have arived)

front tyres from a siku jd 6920

rear tyres from a siku fendt 930

if any one has any of the above that they do not need any mor please pm me and i will send you my address.

also if you have a free set of siku jd 6920 front wheels please contact me

(tractor not needed)

picture coming shortly feel free to critisize but bear in mind this is my first proper conversion other than just swaping wheels over.

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i was then cutting some bits off the tractor to fit siku links and i go thalf way though and the blade snappen so im not a happey bunny at the mo as that was my last blade so i will need to see when my dad can get some more

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