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Fergy TE20 - Can someone help me on this model!?!


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This model came in a box of interesting items last week, the box it was in had illegal model written on it

Does anyone know of the manufacturer?

It looks 1/32 and is very well detailled.



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These are 1/25th and as far as I know there are 2 versions - one was the Ferguson with a spring cultivator and the other as shown with plough. They were sold in the MF shop in Coventry and appear occasionally on Ebay. Think they are pewter models. The scale meant they were not that popular outside Ferguson collectors. Do not know who made them

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Hi Andy,

I wonder if it might be made by OHS models? They specialise in construction models but do a few ag tractors, most noticebly the McCorrmick MTX / Case. I won an unmade MTX kit on e-bay some time ago, but was sent a TE20 with cultivator on a plinth, much like your photo, by mistake.

The website is:


Click on "products", "retail price list" then scroll down to "CTS pewter models". I can't find any photos of the TE, but they might e-mail you one if you contact them - they might also want to know  why you have an "illegal model"!

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Hi Fenryk,

The guy I bought it from is the boss at OHS - I can't remember his ebay id. Anyway, he realised his mistake and I had to send it back (all at his expense - he was very straight about it all). The MTX is a very detailed kit - apart from the cab which isn't glazed. He launched the kit before UH came out with their MTX and I think that about killed his market overnight - ?15 versus ?145 for the kit! (I picked the ebay one up for ?40 as a stock clearance).

I need to finish it off, maybe this summer. I'm interested to see if a UH MTX cab could be grafted on?

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