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these little models would be just the thing you'd see driving around a golf course.

Well ive fixed up my old 2120 to cut grass.

its fitted with them special grass tyres.

Ok , it doesn't have a mower on the back!!  Sadly i dont have a set of drum mowers to go on the back.

What do ya think???

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yeah it is.

Sadly it does look a bit rough.

The wheels rims were dirty and the cab a bit tatty.

Paints a bit chipped.

I thought if i could smarten it up a bit and find a mower from some where i might paint it yellow. Turn it into a council tractor.

Does any 1 know of somewhere where i might find a suitable mower for this

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i dont know how strong it is but i used to pull 55tonnes with a little 20 hp massey on turf tyres on a tiled floor, so you think i am pulling your legs, 55 tonnes weight was a nucular flask (big white thing on the trains)on its own trolley,in side the power (station nice little earner)sorry no pic allowed to be taken of this operation .they now use electric buggy

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Guest Fendt pwr

now lets way up the options for harm here.nuclear flask,confined space,potential for accident/fire/damage to life and limb,could you be refering to? a certain norfolk suzzey boy called j dmad by any chance fendt

maybe :-X

If I was there I'm sure i'd find a way to cut off a finger or two!!. :-[

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