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How far can prices go?

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I have been thinking,yes it does happen now and then!! What is going to happen with all these models we have(boxed ford 6600,MF 590 595,Fordson Super Major's etc.),when are they going to peak in value as there has to be a limit somewhere you would think?I know we all believe they will go on forever but realistically farming is going downhill fast,young people have no interest in getting involved so therefore they don't have the interest we did as kids or do as kids in the likes of Britains etc.Just a thought,feel free to slate me or agree.

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I agree with you fhl, I have been thinking the same thing on this side of the pond for a while too. I notice that the focus has switched a bit here from 1/16 scale to 1/64 scale and that has helped to de-value some models. Some collect over here as an investment and others speculate, I don't suppose these guys have much connection to the profession of farming and will get out if they see their investment decreasing in value. There seems to be quite a few new collectors here who collect to keep a connection to the farm, either the farm they or their parents sold or to remember visits to a grandparents' farm. Y' know, get a model of grandpa's tractor, then get a model of the neighbour's tractor, then you're off and running.  ;)

I don't think Bill Walters needs to worry but I don't know about the guys paying big money for old models, I can only see the "hardcore" collector numbers shrinking. That's why, personally, I don't kid myself that my collection will be worth anything much when it's time to liquidate it. :-\

Good topic.

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Interesting.......... I'm sure we all wonder about this scenario, I've only recently started collecting and do think along these lines. As a child I hung out on the farm and as I got older realised it was a dying industry in this country, if I had thought there was any real money to be made from farming I would probably be a farmer now.....

I think my collection is my way of keeping my interest in farming alive, I know all the local farmers and try to keep in touch with what is going on in the farming world. I think that collecting models is in many ways an extension of this attitude, I don't think there will be big losses made on our collections in the coming years, I think we are more likely to see bigger demand and once the market has levelled out and all the newly discovered loft finds have been sold on ebay the prices of older models will rise.

If you take a look around, you will see that collecting scale models is a massive hobby worldwide and not just limited to farm models, something drastic would need to happen to influence this market in such a way as to de-value models to a great extent.

Just my thoughts....  :)

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