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Level of cross-pond consultation


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Hi Bill,

first of all let me say how grateful I am to you for taking the time to listen to us madmen/collectors, it really is muh appreciated. What I want to know is basicallly who decides which models to bring out in 1:32, do you just do anything the OEM asks or have you a lot of discretion, and for European models that would not be widely known in America, how much input into the decision does the UK office have?

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There is a lot of discussion through email and phone calls about what is tooled and why.

Obviously the #1 choice are tractors/implements that are sold worldwide.  After that, you look at what would be the best sellers in a specific region.

Since Europe is still the primary seller of 1/32nd, if it doesn't make sense from their viewpoint, we don't proceed.  The exception is the 1/32nd 4WD we do every year for the Toy Farmer.

It really is a joint program.  Sometimes we can get the information on a new item in the US.  Sometimes our UK office has to get the information on a piece of equipment produced in Europe.

Every project is different and unique.


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