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Bomford Dyna Drive

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Here’s a smart old school piece. One me and Dave Towse got together on. He made the oil baths and the body and i did the detailing. I got him to do me 4 castings and they have all been snapped up ! I only have 1 left for sale. Real tidy model to go with your old school fords, John Deere, Massey etc. I’ve got plans to make another 4 coupled up with some seed drills. 




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7 minutes ago, chris.watson said:

Excellent model. Good tool they were, I still think that with all these fandango machines that come out every year in the real farming world, the dyna drive still has a place on the farm.


3 minutes ago, mb86 said:

Cracking work again Sam. Realistic 3pt hitch does wonders for the look if a model.  

Cheers lads. Most certainly Chris I know of 2 farmers within a few miles of me that use them. Still have a part of the farm ! I agree Martin I made 1 with a Britain’s linkage it just didn’t cut it for me I wasn’t satisfied with it. So I made this one fits Marge and wiking I think 

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On 23/01/2018 at 9:52 PM, dave the farmer said:

Real smart.were I work we still use a 3 and 5m .on stubble breaking.

Sorry Dave only just seen your comment ! I like to try get back to everyone that has that time to comment. Thanks for that mate. This one is a 3.5 meter according to the brochure. A mere baby compare to the 5 meter version. I think the next one I do will have a scratchbuilt ransomes drill on the back. With the up and over linkage on the dyna drive. All coupled up to a county like the brochure !  

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