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attic finds

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was having a look round the attic when i forund these in a box , forgot i had them ! not so much custom builds , more like boredom builds , ther lifting crane must go back to the early 80's as it was always hitched up to a TW20

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next ones a beauty :D a self propelled sprayer , not as exciting as weeble , but was another boredom build , here we have a britains  badly mounted onto a britains unimog , i say badly mounted , but i found no sign of glue , but did find a bloody great phillips screw under the chassis holding it all together  :D :D :D

i may just put the mog & its crane back together again , & get the sprayer fixed as it should look  :)

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i have an old vicon fert tank that may sit better on it for use as a lime spreader.

just taken it down the shed for a respray, chassis will be black again & the cab will be metalic blue.

will definitely look at fitting the fert hopper on the back :)

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