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My first "dabble" with a Universal Hobbies model!

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i'm currentlly half way throught putting the top of a deutz ttv onto the chassis of a 6290,and the other way to,done the fergy version all bar the hitch,and got the arches onto the other,just sanding down the chassis to allow the bonnet to fit.is that a 6140 chsaais you have used there fp or the bigger 8650 one?

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have they or you changed the hitch on that one as it looks different to the deutz ones,looks more like a siku one?

No, it has the original hitch still on, most of the UH models have different hitches from what I've seen.

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i didn't know that fp,just the tow pin looks longer than on the deutz i have thats all,are you going to change it for the siku version,so it can take implements or leave it as it is?

No, I'm leaving it as it is..... the tractor is for someone else.  :)

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Awesome work FP what is the horsepower of that tractor??????? You do good work.. That tractor is so green you could sell it to a yank...... ;D ;D ;D

I might do!!

The horse power range on the "C" series is from 95 to 150 HP.

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Have you thought that the term "Dabble" is not the most comfortable term you can use for the buyer :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Have faith, It'll be in one piece for a good while..... thats provided J.d.mad doesn't get a hold of it!

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