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Its been a wet and miserable day today so I have had a cabinet re-shuffle.

While I had my Fordsons out I thought I would photograph them to share with whoever might be interested.

Hope you don't nod off,there are 9 pictures ! ;)

First one is the earliest E27ns .


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you have bought wisely there they are very nice i had a major when i started collecting but sadly long gone only memorys now sadly lost the farm were i grew up had  power majors with lambourn cabs on so hold a soft spot for them

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Thanks Mark,the only problem I have now is that I just need to get a boxed pwermajor and I would love a boxed industrial set but they fetch mega money as you know.

There is an auction at Bury St. Edmunds regularly Steve... I have the link for it on my PC at work... I'll mail you it tomorrow... I am sure they had one advertised recently  :-\ (PowerMajor that is)
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Some were bargains and others weren't.

The first E27n I bought cost ?55 and that was a spade lug.

The first power major cost me ?150 which was top money really.

There is a healthy mix of bargains and top money purchases but if they are averaged out they are not too bad. ;)

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Nice collection. Is the yellow super major original?

You have a very nice collection of Fordsons also pier ;)

Steve that's one nice collection, I have a few Fordsons, but the price of them is high, so can't collect too many of them. Hope though to collect a few more soon.

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