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armer twin row beet harvester

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This is the first beet harvester i built about 3 years ago. I am now building it again in greater detail out of all brass. Just said id post these pics of the first 1 i built. It has a tilting tank and lifting rails work. It was built from plastic and brass and uses britains wheels. I am making another now which wont be finished for a while. Kind of a nightmare of a thing to make with so many working parts but they were made about 7 miles from where im living so always wanted to try and build 1 and making another 1 now trying to get a bit more detail in bu hope all me hair wont fall out  before have it finished ???



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very nice, considering it was done around 3 years ago!....cant wait to see the new one! ;D

hoping the new one will be done shortly. Am looking for paint for it as armer salmon closed here and paint will be difficult to get but id say ill havea few hairs less before i have it finished ;D

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