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Hello All.

No pictures yet but as I only joined a day or two ago I thought I would put up a list of the models I have in my collection. Started when I was a nipper but they were swapped, broken, lost, nicked etc etc. I have satarted collecting again in the last few years and with Ebay as my shopping destination I am trying to get back the older stuff too bit by bit.

John Deere 9420T (Ertl Precision, bought in Tennesee after doing the Great Plains 2000acre harvest in 2003)

John Deere 7920  (Britains)

John Deere 6520  (Siku)

John Deere 2266  (Britains Elite)

John Deere 9880 STS (Britains)

John Deere 7500  (Britains)

Class Lexion 580    (Norsott)

Class Jaguar 880    (Norscott)

Massey Ferguson 7200  (Britains)

Class Jaguar          (Britains)

NH 9880              (Britains)

NH 8560              (Britains)

NH TS135A          (Britains)

Ford 8830            (Britains)

Ford 6600            (Britains)

Massey Ferguson 4260  (Siku)

Massey Ferguson 595    (Britains)

JCB 416                (Britains)

JCB 526S              (Britains)

JCB 520                (Britains)

Hitachi FH200        (ROS)

AS Grain Trailer

AS Silage Trailer

4 Wheel Bale Trailer

Salop Open Cattle Trailer

Pottinger Silage Wagon

Vicon Trailed Mower

John Deere Trailed Mower

PZ Type Twin Drum Mower

Front Mounted Cultivator

Bomford Superflow Cultivator

Vaderstadt Rolex 620 rollers

3 gang Cambridge Rollers

Maschio Power Harrow  (ALL BRITAINS)

Amazone Centaur 6000

Lemkin 5f Reversible Plough  (BOTH SIKU)

Now I want to build a yard!!! Will get some photographs up at some point.


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Glad you guys are liking them. The conversions most of you are doing are out of this world, be a while before I do anything "thirded" as good as any of them but at least these give you all an insight to what I have in the loft, on the bedroom wall. The detail on this 'baby' is a little poor but it's a great thing to have about!!

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